Day 348

Across the street from the library
Across the street from the library

Part of me would like to live in one of these places. They have such a classic look. Part of me wonders why they keep all of their blinds closed. What’s going on in there? Maybe it’s best that I don’t know.


Today is the tenth anniversary of my father’s death. Rather than dwell on that, and get myself into a funk, I’m going to touch on other subjects of lesser import.

1) Vonage™ Commercials – I am sure that Vonage™ has a wonderful product and truly believes that their commercials tell a beguiling story. After all, the pitch people sem to be actual customers. My problem is in the people, and what they say. First we have the Mexican gentleman who proudly proclaims that he is a Mama’s Boy, and then chuckles. I wanted to use the word giggles, but his voice is too deep to produce a giggle, so I will use chuckles. He probably expects that he will be left everything in the will. maybe that’s why he plays up to mama.

The second person is the English woman who calls her Nana every other week. That’s sweet, but I worry for her because she says that letters and text messages are thrown aside, yet the conversations stay in her heart. I hope the letters aren’t thrown too far aside, because one day her memory will start to fail her. Perhaps she is illiterate.

2) Autocorrect – I hate a program that thinks it knows what I’m trying to communicate, and makes changes without consulting me. Recently a friend of mine posted a picture of a quokka, which is a marsupial in Australia. I commented that I thought it looked like a naked Ewok. Autocorrect, however, decided that I meant to say a naked Rail. OK, the letters are near each other on the keyboard, but really! A naked Rail?

I was going to add a number 3, but have decided to hold it for another day, when I don’t have much else in mind. Have a good weekend.