Day 347

It's pretty much a gray day
It’s pretty much a gray day

Despite that i is a gloomy day, I am not in a gloomy mood. My mood had actually improved as the day has gone on. I had originally thought to insert a screed about the things people post on Facebook, especially political or second amendment things. I mean, I feel like shouting at people who want to deny the fact that President Obama received a majority (that’s more than 50%) of the popular vote two times in a row, despite attempts at voter suppression. Get over it. And I also want to shout at people who believe they either need an assault rifle to hunt for food or to protect themselves from the government. Grow up.

Upon calm reflection, rather than springing to the verbal battlements, I can admit that I was upset for a time when the Supreme Court voted for President Bush in 2000 by stopping the muddled recount of the muddled vote in Florida. It took a little time, but I did get over it. I was also a bit fearful when the US government decided they needed to know what books I checked out of the library, but I grew up and decided I could bore them with my choices.

So, I won’t “unfriend” my friends who pass along those “Like if you agree” posts. However I may “hide” their posts for a few months and then look to see if they are still being angry. That would be a good way to ensure that my blood pressure doesn’t rise above its normally wonderful level.


Here are two phrases that I’m tired of hearing on television and the radio: 1) “Put on your big-boy pants.” and 2) “watch the sausage being made.” Both are being used by the same people who, in the last year or two, were using the phrases “a sea-change is taking place,” “adult conversation,” and “fiscal cliff.” Those people need to be innovative, and stop mimicking the most recent person that have heard or read.