Day 345

A winter only picture
A winter only picture

I couldn’t get this picture in the spring, summer, or fall because of the leaves on the trees. Also, the snow softens the picture somewhat by covering the pavement.


I went walking this morning for the first time in months. I knew that I should be walking more, and more often. It really came home this morning when I put on a relatively new pair of jeans and discovered they were tight. They weren’t too tight to wear, but I wanted to be able to wear them until they were well faded. So I walked, and I’ll walk again tomorrow after I see the eye doctor for a six month check on my macular degeneration. I’m expecting good news since I haven’t noticed any deterioration in the sight in my left eye. By good news, I mean there will be no injection into the eyeball. That’s always good news.

Back to the walk, or rather my thoughts as I walk. I let my mind go wherever it wanted, while keeping an eye on where I was placing my feet, like not on ice, or not into the street unless I was crossing the street. I also kept an eye out in case a car decided to jump the curb and run me down; none did. From out of the blue came the quote, “Pride goeth before the fall.” The actual verse is, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18, King James version, of course. I understand that it is generally understood to be a statement concerning the concept of hubris, though hubris is a Greek term. In other words, one experiences pride before experiencing destruction. It may, in fact be cause and effect. I was wondering, however, whether it could also mean that a person sees the destruction coming and loses his pride before the destruction occurs. Well, probably not, but it was a thought.