Day 343

From the passenger's seat
From the passenger’s seat

I took this from a moving car, Cindy was driving, on the way back from visiting my sister and mom this afternoon. Yes, it is blurry, but I like it because of the colors. What can I say?


I confess. I made a huge mistake in yesterday’s post. I said that ‘non-photographical’ was in the lyric of My Funny Valentine. You know I was wrong, the word is ‘unphotographical,’ but you were kind enough to spare my feelings and not comment on my faux pas. Thank you followers and casual readers.


I watched an episode from the second season of The West Wing yesterday morning. Nothing new in that. It was the episode where they had the funeral for Mrs. Landingham. That alone was sad enough because the actress, Kathryn Joosten, had passed away this past year, but also because she was one of my favorite characters.

I hadn’t seen this episode in many years and was surprised when Lawrence O’Donnell was in the cast playing the father of the young Josiah Bartlet. Who knew that he could play a nasty person so well? Maybe he was being cast to type. I knew that he had produced some episodes, and had been a writer on some episodes, but I didn’t know he had acted in any.

Something that I had forgotten from the episode was that Dire Straight’s Brother’s In Arms played at the end. Despite the fact that a song by a British band played at the end of a show about an American presidency, it seemed fitting. Of course the show was about much more than the presidency. I love it because it spoke to the concerns of America in all aspects, but often filtered through a political prism. Many of the issues discussed on this show that was on the air from 1999 to 2006 are still unsolved issues today.


The thing I love about Twitter is that I can pick and choose whom I want to follow. I follow a variety of people, journalists, comedians, scientists, & TV and movie celebrities. If I find that someone is repetitive or boring, I can unfollow them without hurting any feelings. There is one thing that I find somewhat amusing, and it’s probably because it hits close to home; so many people post pictures of their dogs and think that everyone wants to see them. I don’t want to see them; but then I’ve been known to post pictures of Marlon, Trina’s dog, on Facebook. So I put up with the dogs, and don’t unfollow the people who post them.