Day 339

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No longer in use

Cindy bought me two desk calendars for Christmas. It happened because she bought me some gifts in October, hid them, and forgot about them. She found them Monday night and gave them to me belatedly. I told her she could have kept themĀ and waited until next year to give them to me. She pointed out that one gift was a 2013 calendar and it wouldn’t do me much good next year. It wouldn’t do me much good if she gave it to me on my birthday, which is in September. I guess she figured that if she was giving me one thing out of the bag, she might as well give it all to me. I understand, she might have misplaced the bag again if she didn’t give it to me.

I understand finding gifts that have been hidden. I found two this year that I had bought for Cindy in previous years, but misplaced and didn’t give to her until I came across them this year. One was a book that I had bought her two or three years ago (previous to her Kindle), and one was a stocking stuffer that I bought last year. It’s a good thing it wasn’t food of any kind.

Another of the items in her late bag was a pair of IU ear muffs. That adds to the IU swag I garnered this year. Oh, and I forgot to list an IU tie that our friends Mary and George gave to me at our holiday party. I considered wearing it to a New Year’s Eve party that we attended, but decided against it because we were deep in Purdue territory, and I didn’t want to offend our host. There really aren’t many occasions in this area where I can wear the tie. I suppose I could wear it at Halloween and scare all of the kid’s parents when they bring their childrenĀ Trick or Treating. Of course, if I did that, they might egg the house. I dunno.