Day 337

Another wnter scene
Another winter scene

I love winter scenes. I’m not fond of shovelling snow, or pushing cars that are stuck, but it could be worse.


I’m starting this post with a complaint. I had to DVR the IU game today. I don’t like watching a game if I know the outcome in advance, so when I sat down and turned on the TV, I made sure that I didn’t catch the final score in advance. I watched the game, the first in the Big 10 season, and it was exciting all of the way. They were playing on the road, at Iowa, where they have won very few games in the past decade. It came down to the final 43 seconds; IU had a narrow lead; and the DVR recording ended. I have to say that I was irritated. I went to my smart phone to get the final score, and it froze up when I tried to make an Internet connection. This was also irritating. Finally I trudged up the stairs, turned on the PC, and found the score. IU won, and that is great, but some of the excitement was lost because I couldn’t watch the end of the game. That’s my complaint.


Since Comcast took over the cable operation from Insight in Lafayette, we have had some minor problems with our email account. We have been receiving emails that are directed to other people, but who seem to have te same email address. Two days ago we received an email from Comcast Customer Care that was confirming a service tech. visit to a woman in Massachusetts. We also get emails directed to a man in Georgia, a woman in Colorado, and another man in Pennsylvania.

I think that the guy in Pennsylvania is something of a ladies’ man. Last week we got one of his emails from a woman who wondered why he wasn’t returning her calls, she thought they had started a special relationship. In past months we’ve received his emails from other women who have shared jokes, bible verses, and pictures of themselves. I guess he plays the field.

When I brought our email problem to the attention of Comcast, which was not as easy as it sounds, they responded that it was either our fault or the fault of the other people that we were getting email that didn’t belong to us. Can’t do anything, so sorry.


That’s it for today, and for this year. Have a very Happy New Year. I’ll be back on the other side.