Day 336

By the pond in winter
By the pond in winter

You’ll never see this in Florida…poor, poor Floridians. How thy must suffer, only seeing snow in freak conditions. I do feel sorry for them.


I was going through my notes, looking for something to say today, but none of the notes seems appropriate for today. I found nothing in my notes.

As I was composing the previous paragraph, Cindy called me to the delicious lunch she had prepared, barbecued ribs, baked potato and salad. Simple and nourishing. As I came down the stairs I heard a crash in the kitchen. Cindy had dropped a Correll dinner plate onto the tile covered counter, and it had shattered. She was upset, and I understand that, but it wasn’t the end of the world (that happened ten days ago, didn’t it?). It did bring back a memory from 1970.

I was in the army and had finished my basic training at Ft. Polk, Louisiana. I had been shipped back to Indiana to do Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Ft. Benjamin Harrison on the north side of Indianapolis. It seemed too good to be true because I was only a couple of hours away from home, and even better, only a little over an hour away from Bloomington. I still had friends who were attending IU, and I spent some weekends there when I could get a weekend pass.

One weekend when I was there, staying at the rented duplex that my friends Warby and Mike were renting, I heard a crash come in the kitchen. I jumped up, but Mike told me not to worry, it happened fairly often. It seems that Warby and a friend of his from Lawrenceburg (forgive me I can’t remember the name though I think it was Jim) would drink too much beer and then go to the kitchen where they would have a contest. Their contest was to see which of them would be the first to throw a Correll coffee cup against the kitchen wall hard enough to break it…the cup, not the wall. I was glad I wouldn’t be paying the landlord for damages.

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