Day 333

Everything is prettier in the snow
Everything is prettier in the snow

I don’t believe I could be completely happy if I lived somewhere where I couldn’t see a sight like this. Adobe in the desert might be ok part of the year, but I love a winter day when there is snow on the ground. This weather is too nice to leave behind.


Another of the gifts Cindy gave me this Christmas was the cd Glad Rag Doll by Diana Krall. This cd is different from the others of her’s that I own, but it is good in its own right. I wasn’t familiar with most of the songs on the cd, but I did know Prairie Lullaby because Geoff Muldaur has recorded the song. It seemed strange hearing Diana Krall’s sultry voice (and how often do you hear the adjective sultry used in proper context?) croon the song, after hearing the Geoff Muldaur recording many times. Both versions are good. They just have to be appreciated at different times, depending on the listener’s mood.


It seems paradoxical, but I learned quickly after I retired that I don’t have enough time to do everything that I want to do. I am sure that part of my trouble is that I spend more time doing non-productive things, like playing games on the computer, than on more responsible things like working in the yard. If I enjoyed yard work I’m sure I would have a nice lawn, but it isn’t important to me. But even with my slacker attitude I don’t read as many books as I want; I haven’t worked on my stamp collection in months; and I haven’t updated my comic book collection database since this past summer. Not working on the database also means that I still have too many comic books in the computer room, and not stored in the basement. It’s a case of cause and effect…a negative cause and an equally negative effect.

Time to close this post. Sleep well.

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