Day 332

Out the front window
Out the front window

We haven’t been hit by a blizzard, yet. They have ben saying on the news that we could expect 5 to 10 inches of snow. So far it looks closer to five. Even though it hasn’t been bad here, I decided to stay in, rather than go out for a picture today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


We were putting in our third day of watching Dexter: Season 6 this morning when the telephone rang. It was Cindy’s step-brother, Greg, calling to tell us that Chris’ funeral had been postponed until Friday. Her body hadn’t arrived from Minnesota yet, and with the blizzard like conditions (perhaps it is a blizzard?) in the Greenfield area, they weren’t sure the roads would be clear on Thursday. Thus the postponement.

While we were watching the final episode of Season 6, Cindy’s cell rang again. Seeing that it was the repair garage calling, she put off talking to them until we had finished with Dexter. When she called them back, they had an estimate for the third high-priced repair on her car this year. Merry Christmas…Happy New Year! (If my sister is reading this, please do not say anything to mom about the car. She will want to give us money for the repair. We have it covered. Also, she would want us to buy a new car and let her give this one to “you know who.”)


Among the many gifts Cindy gave me was a DVD that had two shows from Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest television show from the mid-sixties. This DVD had the Stanley Brothers in one show and Doc Watson in the other. The music was fine!

I never saw the show when it was on originally; it was a PBS show, I believe, and may not have been broadcast where I was living. I know that when these two shows were broadcast I was at school in Bloomington. I also know that the TV in the lounge was seldom, if ever, tuned to PBS.

The show was broadcast in black and white, and the production values seemed to be somewhat crude. Pete would be speaking but looking at the wrong camera for long periods of time, or he would be watching the guest performers with his back to the camera. Those types of things wouldn’t fly now. But, as I said, the music was fine and I enjoyed the DVD very much.

I still have two DVDs that Cindy bought me, a concert by an early incarnation of the David Grisman Quartet, and a documentary on Joan Baez. Life is good.

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