Day 331

This year's IU swag
This year’s IU swag

I listed some of the IU items I received for Christmas the other day. There was moe this morning, so I decided to do a show and tell with today’s picture.

Everything is on the lovely and warm IU throw that Cindy gave me. Starting from the bottom left corner is an IU basketball T-shirt from JR, my son-in-law; quite nice. Above it is the red pin striped button-down collar shirt with the IU logo embroidered on the pocket. To the right of the shirt is a Christmas tree ornament, and below that, in the center is the IU snowglobe that has a representation of campus and plays the IU Fight Song. In the upper right corner is a wall clock/thermometer that will look very good in the computer room. Below the clock is an IU wall calendar that will also hang in the computer room. In the bottom right corner is a long-sleeved T-shirt that says CRIMSON GUARD. Missing from the picture is a different IU tree ornament that is already on the tree, and a stuffed snowman dressed in an IU sweater. The snowman sings Jingle Bells when you squeeze its left paw. If I’ve forgotten anything, please forgive me. Thanks to everyone who has added to my IU collection.


Yesterday afternoon Cindy and I went to the movie theater and watched Lincoln. We both loved it. If you have not seen the picture already, go and see it. It is the best movie I’ve seen in the theater since Michael Clayton in 2007, and we’ve been to a few movies since then. I found the writing, the language in Lincoln so riveting that I barely noticed the relative lack of violent action through most of the film. I was impressed, and grateful, that they…whoops, I almost added a spoiler. I don’t want to ruin it for anybody.


After the movie we repaired to Applebee’s for dinner, and a good dinner it was. The mall where Applebee’s is located was closing for the night and the restaurant was not very busy. Cindy’s day was made when the server carded her before bringing her a glass of wine. I was amused watching the main entrance to the mall. The doors were locked, the lights were dimmed, and yet people kept trying to come in to shop. They would usually start on the right and try opening each door until they were on the left side of the bank of doors. Procrastinators were punished.

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