Day 330

Cold morning, this sums it up
Cold morning, this sums it up

After going out to take a picture and to pick up snacks, including ice cream, Cindy and I have been watching Season 6 of Dexter on DVD. We have been watching on the new blue ray DVD player Cindy gave me as an early Christmas present. She gave it to me early because the old player has been acting up lately. We both were getting frustrated with the old player, so Cindy got out the new on last night so we could watch the final episodes of State Of Play that I saw originally on BBC in America. That six episode series was far and away better than the movie.

This afternoon we’ll be going to see Lincoln, which is a movie we both want to see. I’m looking forward to seeing it, and it will be a change of pace from the action movies that I usually choose, and the romantic comedies that Cindy is drawn to. It should be a good afternoon.


If you watch cable television, I’m sure you have seen the commercials for Forever Comfy and The No No. While I am sure that these are wonderful products, I wonder who came up with the names. There seems to be a definite lack of creativity. Let’s face it, as a name Forever Comfy doesn’t come close to The Sham Wow or The Pocket Fisherman. Neither does The No No approach The Slap-Chop or The Ionic Breeze Purifier. If Darrin Stevens had been the account executive, we would be seeing commercials for products like The Buttock Bolster and the Whisker Whiz.

One more thing about The No No, am I the only person who finds it disturbing that a woman is burning the chest hair off of her man? That seems pretty kinky to me. Maybe they are pitching the product to a niche market.