Day 328

The batting cage is closed
The batting cage is closed

It is a cold, sunny day in Lafayette. Most of the snow has disappeared, but then we didn’t have much to begin with. The predictions are that we will get some After Christmas. I hope it comes a day early.


I’m giving serious consideration to getting off of Facebook, or at least limiting, even further, the time I spend on it. The reason is simple, and it is the same reason I don’t read comments on the online version of the newspaper; too many of the posts infuriate me. I must be getting crankier, to go along with getting older. It seems that so many people are reposting intolerant and/or sentiments that seem, to me, to be little more than self-righteous claptrap. What is worse is I find myself wanting to do the same thing, only with a different spin on the issues. What I usually end up doing is posting a link to something from The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, because I would rather see an idea skewered with humor, rather than vitriol. But let’s face it, not everybody finds Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert funny.

Why am I on Facebook to begin with? There are two reasons. 1) Trina posts a lot of pictures of the grandkids, and I love seeing them. 2) None of my friends write letters anymore, if they ever did, and I saw Facebook as a way to keep in touch. I’m not sure either of those reasons is valid. If Trina posts a picture she often also sends it to me via a text message, or Cindy sees it and can forward it to me. Very few of my friends post anything on Facebook that is more than something they have seen and decide to share, often asking me to “like” it if I agree. I seldom agree, and besides, what good does that do in the world? There is no real individual thought behind those posts.

Yep, I’m definitely getting crankier.