Day 325 – updated later than all of the others

White barn
White barn

I looked through the notes I keep for blog post ideas. I realized that some have been on the list so long that I’m not sure what I had in mind when I made the note. I’ll list a few of them and see if I can remember what I had in mind. 

1) JFK & FDR – I think I made this note during the presidential election campaign in response to something a friend said about wondering why people were making a big deal over Mitt Romney’s wealth. I’m sure I had something insightfully witty to say. It probably mentioned the fact that much of FDR’s wealth was controlled by his mother, and that JFK’s father, Joe, was rumored to have ties to bootleggers during the depression. But how I was going to make my point and tie it to Governor Romney…? 

2) Medical show diagnosis – I’m pretty sure that I was going to use that phrase while posting about spending a lot of time in hospitals and doctors’ offices this year. Somehow I was going to work around to saying that if I felt sick, I had watched enough shows like House to diagnose my own incurable illness. It doesn’t seem very humorous now, and I’m glad I didn’t use it. 

3) Andy Panda – I know I jotted this down because I had seen something on TV about the cartoon character Woody Woodpecker, and it mentioned that Woody’s first appearance in a cartoon was with Andy Panda. I had forgotten about Andy, though I still remembered Chilly Willy. 

4) Not change for the sake of change, but because it needs to change– Boy, I wish I could remember what brought on this note, because I think it was probably something that could have brought on a full-blown rant from me. My first guess is that it was in response to something foolish that a politician said, or perhaps it was something a foolish politician said, or maybe it was something somebody “liked” on Facebook. Maybe I won’t cross out this note, and hope I remember enough to use it some day. 

All in all, you’re probably lucky I didn’t use these ideas when I first put them down.

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