Another country scene

Another country scene

It was another overcast day and I found this building standing steadfast in the chilly weather. Now, how often do you hear steadfast used regarding something other than a concept? I am guessing that your answer is “seldom to never.”


 One of the reasons I fell so far behind in my updates is that I allowed myself to be sidetracked. I started looking for a specific graphic that I wanted for a project. I’ve been collecting graphics since I started using computers, and I have hundreds, if not thousands of graphics on floppy discs, cd’s and flash drives. I was pretty sure that the graphic I want was on a cd that I had burned, but it was not on the disc I had at hand. As I searched for other discs, I came across a stack of 3 1/2 inch floppy discs. I’ve been working my was through the discs looking for the graphic. As I find graphics on the floppies I’ve been moving them to flash drives, because I’m pretty sure the next PC I buy will not have a floppy disc drive.

You are probably wondering why I’m using a PC that has a floppy disc drive. Well, when I bought this PC I had a lot of material on floppy discs. There was material from my work, and material that I wanted for other reasons. I made sure the PC had a floppy disc drive and a cd burner so that I could transfer the material to the newer medium. I quickly transferred the work related material, but transferring the personal material has been an on again, off again process. Since I started that process I have gone on to move a lot of the material to flash drives as well.

Needless to say, the process isn’t complete. I hope that someday I’ll finish that project. If I’m lucky I’ll also find the graphic I was looking for.