Day 323 – updated very late



Another day for deer
Another day for deer

I had to use the extent of the zoom function on my camera in order to get a picture where you could really see the deer. I lost definition because they were so far from me. At least one of them was looking my way this time. *** I am old enough to remember when New York city started using the logo “I N Y” back in the 70’s. The heart symbol was used as a synonym for love. Since then there has been a lot of ing going on the country. I can’t say that I am enamoured with the whole idea, but English is a living language and change must occur or it will die. Recently, however, I saw another page in this story. There is a store in Lafayette where the owner and/or manager wrote some Christmas sentiments in the store windows as a means of decoration. One of the sentiments was “I Heart Christmas.” There was no heart symbol. They just used the word heart as a synonym for love. Do you think this means that in another thirty or forty years people will be calling a cardiac infarction a love attack? ***I am not holding my breath for a white Christmas this year. Indiana, on average, has more non-white Christmases than white. It seems to me, however, that my memories of the best/happiest Christmases include snow. My guess is that most of the time my memories are false, and include snow because that’s the way I want to remember them. I’m just a romantic at heart. I’m a cynical romantic.

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