Day 322 – 6 (?) days late – updated

Trackside debris
Trackside debris

Confession: I’ve lost track of which pictures I’ve taken on what days. Starting with the Day 321 post, through the Day 325 post, I downloaded the photos of a five-day period from my camera, and I also emailed photos from my cell phone. My memory isn’t what it used to be, and the sequence of pictures is a bit jumbled in my mind. I can say with certainty that the pictures were taken within that period of time, but I may not be attributing the correct photo to the right day. I’m pretty sure that this situation only bothers me. 


I keep reading and hearing that the sound quality of music in MP3 format isn’t as good as that of a vinyl record. That may be true, but you couldn’t prove it by me. I’m perfectly happy with MP3s. When I was younger I played vinyl all of the time, but to be honest, I couldn’t afford to buy high-end stereo equipment, so I never heard high quality sound. Also, as I’ve grown older, my hearing has deteriorated enough that MP3s sound fine to me. I guess that I’m lucky that I never heard such high quality sound that I would be disappointed with what is available now. 


I’ve also noticed that as I grow older I move slower, yet time seems to pass quicker. It seems like that situation should be covered somewhere in Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. After all, doesn’t his theory deal with issues of space and time? I would like to see an episode of Nova explore that whole phenomenon. I checked to see if I could find an article about it in The Journal of Mundane Behavior, but it appears that the most recent issue of that scholarly journal was nine years ago. Evidently there hasn’t been much research in mundane behavior for quite some time. Perhaps the research grant dollars dried up.

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