Day 321 – five days late

No longer wanted
No longer wanted

I guess that when people get tired of their Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations they just take them to the country and toss them out of the car. At least the pumpkins are real and biodegradable.


I drove past the K-Mart plaza on Saturday morning and saw that a temporary store had gone into one of the empty store fronts. At this time of year I assumed it was the travelling book sale that comes through every other year or so. I was wrong. It was a gun show put on by a company named Gun Slingers Promotions USA, LLC. It seemed so out of place to me, happening one day after the shootings in Newtown, CN. What seemed even stranger to me was the fact that the parking lot was packed. maybe people were at the show getting stocking stuffers for their loved ones. I didn’t go into the show; I haven’t touched a weapon since I was released from active duty back in ’71, and I have no desire to touch one. I did want to know about the company that puts on these shows, but when I checked their web site I found a message that the web site was temporarily unavailable, but that they would be back soon. I’ll keep checking, because I do want to know about them.


I watched a DVD of John Prine on Soundstage and it surely brought back memories of both Prine and Soundstage. I used to watch it in the 70’s and 80’s, and that’s also when I was listening to a lot of John Prine’s music. One of the highlights of the show for me was when Prine sang Bruised Orange. The song captured my attention the first time I heard it, and every time after. The chorus goes:

You can gaze out the window get mad and get madder,
throw your hands in the air, say “What does it matter?”
but it don’t do no good to get angry,
so help me I know

For a heart stained in anger grows weak and grows bitter.
You become your own prisoner as you watch yourself sit there
 wrapped up in a trap of your very own
chain of sorrow.

If you don’t know the song, I recommend it strongly…or at least look up the lyrics on the Internet.

As for Soundstage I think that out of all the shows I watched, my favorite was when Arlo Guthrie was on. He was joined by Steve Goodman and Hoyt Axton. They did a great version of Walkin’ Down The Line. That show was also the first time I heard Reuben Ramzo. I wish that show was on DVD, I would snap it up.