Day 320 – five days late

Slightly festive bedroom
Slightly festive bedroom

By the time I went out to take a picture today, it was raining. So I decide to take a picture of the corner of the bedroom where I had laid out Christmas lights. They are hard to see because the flash lit up the room so much. The best laid plans…


Between the trip to Minnesota, the holidays, and doctor appointments I am having a hard time keeping up with this blog. I hope to be caught up by the new year, but as Tim Rush (among others) sang Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep. I think Tim Rush wrote the song, but I’ve seen the lyrics attributed to Paul Weller. I dunno.


Left over from our trip: I noticed that almost all of the doors at St. Mary’s Hospital had bar codes on the top of the frame. Do they have to account for all of the rooms during a physical inventory? There is probably a good reason for bar coding each room, but it hasn’t occurred to me. Any ideas?


Every once in a while Facebook offers me the opportunity to reach out and ask a dead person to be my friend. I’m pretty sure that at least one of those people never established a Facebook account, and that they didn’t do it from beyond the grave or crematorium, so I ask myself, “Why do they have a presence on Facebook?” Of course Mormons can baptize people after they are dead, so maybe, in a similar vein, this allows dead people to socially network with others. Maybe?


I read and enjoyed The Da Vinci Code a number of years ago. I also enjoyed the movie. I find the concept behind the book entertaining and have watched television shows about it on History and the Discovery Channel. When I saw a different documentary about “the secrets behind The Da Vinci Code” in the library, I checked it out to see if could learn anything new. The documentary was made by a French company, and I learned that they were able to make an entertaining subject very boring. I fell asleep three times while trying to watch the documentary. I will say that the scenery was pretty. I should have watched it and muted the sound. I’m still learning new things.

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