Day 319 – five days late

Illinois 12-13-12
Illinois 12-13-12

I took this photo a few hours before we got back to Lafayette. We stopped for gas shortly before the sun went down, and I thought this might make a good picture. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

We stopped by St. Mary’s Hospital to see Chris again before we headed home. There was a ten to eleven hour drive ahead of us, so we arrived at the hospital around 6 a.m. There were almost no people except staff on the ICU at that hour. We were happy to see that they had put a sign on Chris’ door asking people to stay out of the room so that Chris could sleep. Before we went in we talked to the nurse on duty. She gave us a rundown on Chris’ condition. Basically there was little change since we had last seen her. She had been given medication to help her sleep. When we went in to see Chris, we found aid nurse aid had spent the night in the room, keeping an eye on Chris. We spent some time with her, but since she was resting, we decided to get on the road.

Cindy gave up control and let me start the day’s drive, which meant that we listened to music instead of another book on tape. The Interstate wasn’t all that busy and we made good time. I drove until we were about thirty miles from Madison, Wisconsin, with one stop for breakfast. We needed gas and I was starting to feel drowsy, so we stopped and Cindy took over the wheel. Once she started driving, there was no way I would again be in the driver’s seat, and the only music I heard was from my MP3 player. Well, the driving was good as long as it lasted.

It was dark when we got back to Lafayette. Between all of the driving and the time at the hospital, it was an exhausting trip. We were lucky that we didn’t get into any of the bad snow.