Day 313

Goats on a dreary day

It was getting late when I finally got out to take this picture. I started the day going with Cindy to a doctor’s appointment, and then went to one of my own. By the time that was finished, I had to go home and eat an early lunch, because I had agreed to let Duke Energy send someone out to do an energy audit on the house. I sat in the living room listening to Bonnie Raitt while I waited. He showed up around 2 p.m., which was within the four hour window they had given me. It took the fellow about an hour and a half to do the audit, print hs results, and go over the results with me. He was a nice guy with some practical ideas on how to save money on our electric bill. I also liked him because he started a side conversation on the blues. When I mentioned Amos Garrett he really loosened up. A side benefit of having the audit done, was that they gave us nine energy efficient light bulbs, and a power strip with a surge protector. It was worth sitting around waiting for him.

When he left I got in the car and headed south, out of town. I stayed on county roads, both paved and unpaved. Those roads are busy when people get off of work. Between the weather and the traffic, finding something to photograph was not easy. I’m hoping for better luck tomorrow.


Do you thin that is true that Congress and the President aren’t getting much done on the “fiscal cliff” because they think the Mayans might have been right?


I don’t have anything else to say today, and I have a cd that needs to be burned tonight, so this is the end of today’s post. Have a good one.