Day 309 – Updated

I really like thiw house
I really like this house

Darn, I forgot to post today. Tomorrow for sure. Sorry.


I took this photo yesterday and I was ready to insert it and use it as a starting point for the words. But each time I set down to work on the post, I got distracted and didn’t even sign in. Around 10 p.m. I realized that I hadn’t done anything on the blog post, so I used my smart phone to establish the date and to apologize (mainly to myself) for not doing anything. Cindy tells me that I don’t have to do a post every day. She is an enabler. When I decided to create Classical Gasbag the vow I made to myself was that I would include a new picture every day, and that I would add words. After the first week I amended that vow to say that I would do my best to include at least three hundred words. That has been a more difficult goal, because there are days when I feel like I have nothing to say. Luckily, I have enough words for this post, and for the one I’ll be adding this afternoon or this evening.


When I watched the IU/Coppin State game the other night I was once again reminded how much I dislike the Big Ten’s TV contracts. The two things I dislike most is the fact that some games are only available through streaming to my PC (I don’t like watching TV on a computer), and that when ESPN carries the game the announcers are usually bad. For many reasons I really dislike Dick Vitale! The announcers the other night must have skipped directly from Junior High School to the broadcast microphone. Here’s a sample of what passes for competency: “Both teams played each other for the second time in both teams history.” Really. I could have sworn that IU had played Coppin State twice, but that Coppin State had played IU five times. They were also using terms like “more crazy.” Where do they find these people?

When I lived in Auburn I could watch the game on TV and listen to Don Fischer and Max Skirvin call the game on the radio. That happened quite often, because Chuck Marlowe was calling the game on TV. I couldn’t get past the fact that he used to ba an announcer for professional wrestling. I haven’t been able to watch on TV and listen on the radio since I moved to Lafayette.


It’s time to go out and find a photo for today, and to run a few errands. I’ll post again later today.