Day 308

Not a symbol of last night's party
Not a symbol of last night’s party

Darned right this is not a symbol of last night’s party, but it is the best picture I took this morning. I had two ideas for more representative pictures, but I took neither. I was about to put down that the images seemed too static, but then I realized that this image isn’t exactly frenetic. Just take my word that this is a better picture than either of my ideas would have been.


In an earlier post I described the picture quiz I’ve put together for ten of the past eleven years, and that the eleventh edition was prepared for last night. Here are some of the statistics from last night: 30 quizzes were printed; 20 were handed out to couples (and two people who worked on it independently); 11 entries were turned in. The high score was 12 correct answers; the low score was 0 correct answers; the average score was 7 correct answers.

What conclusions can I draw? First, I may be making the quiz too difficult. Second, some people can’t be bothered to even try to win (despite the fact that the prizes are pretty good). Third, some people try to beg, borrow or steal answers from other people. I am always surprised and amused¬†how incorrect answers seem to jump from one answer sheet to another, and that the same misspellings occur on answer sheets.

Perhaps it’s a factor of my age, but the idea of using other people’s answers, rather than trying to answer on my own, would not seem fair to me. I know that being able to work together on a project is an important skill. But how do you use that skill in a process where there are winners and losers in your workgroup. Nope, that doesn’t seem right. I see it as a continuing breakdown of moral fabric that first came to my attention when electronic calculators were allowed in schoolrooms. We’re going to hell in a hand basket. How long did it take the Roman empire to collapse?

The question again arises in my mind, “Should I bother doing the quiz in future years?”. I believe I’ll give it at least one more chance, because I’ve already picked my overall theme for next year, and have more than enough¬†people to put in the quiz. If you’ve been coming to the party, here is a hint for next year’s quiz: “A lot of people seemed to have asked Mary for answers, or perhaps she volunteered them; the wrong answers she gave out will all be on next year’s quiz.