Day 306

Out to pasture

This is one of those days when I don’t know what to say, or write, or compose. I thought that going for a ride in the country might be a source of  inspiration; some of my better ideas come to me when I’m driving. Today, however, All I could think about was getting ready for the party tomorrow night.

When I looked at the notes in the  list of blog post ideas that I keep on my phone, I came up empty. The first note on my list was “Billy u Mont tre.” I need to wear my glasses when I put those notes in. The second note was a name, John Crowley. UI don’t know why Mr. Crowley’s name is in my list. The name meant nothing to me when I saw it today. I just checked him out in Wikipedia, my source for all true information, and found out that he is an author of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and also mainstream fiction. Well, that may be the reason I have his name, but I don’t recall reading anyth…wait a minute…I’l bet I saw some of his books in the store Robots & Rogues when I was in there last week. The covers probably caught my attention and I made a note of his name in order to check out his writing. Problem solved. Oh, and Wikipedia tells me that he studies at IU and makes documentary films. Those are also good reasons to check him out. 

My next note was “Ft. Wayne Daisies.” The Daisies was a woman’s professional baseball team that played in the forties and fifties. I know that the reason I wanted to check on that team was because I once dated an older woman who played professional baseball. She was fifteen years my senior, and was in the best physical condition of any woman I ever dated. Ooooh I have stories, but not today. I realized that looking up the team rosters wouldn’t help me determine if she played for the Daisies, because I didn’t know her maiden name, and she had kept her husband’s name when she divorced him. The one picture I came across on the Internet was in low resolution and I couldn’t make out any of the faces to see if they looked familiar. Further research may be in order.