Day 304

Another study in black & white

Maybe it’s the season, autumn with most of the leaves off of the trees, the sky is overcast, and the fields are bare. Black & white photos seem appropriate to me. That’s why I greyscaled this picture.


I spent a couple of hours today shopping for food that Cindy wants/needs for our party on Saturday. I decided to use her list, and not buy things that appealed to me. Most of it was easy to find, cheese, crackers, chips, and most of the ingredients for the soup she will making. I did have trouble finding one item on her list, three pounds of shredded chicken. I tried three stores, one of them a wholesale place for restaurants, and none of them carried shredded chicken. I decided that cooking chicken and  shredding it couldn’t be too big of a hassle; I’ve seen it done on countless television cooking shows, so I just bought the requisite three pounds of chicken breasts and decided to do myself. When I mentioned it to Cindy she said, Well, of course, that’s what I meant. You can’t buy shredded chicken.” How was I to know? I’ve never looked for it before.

In one of the stores I went to I was approached by one of the men working there. I assumed he was going to ask me if he could be of service, and I was ready to tell him what I needed. Instead he asked me if I had seen the game last night. What? Then I remembered that I was wearing an IU jacket and baseball cap. Normally when I wear those items in public the only comments I get cannot be repeated in polite company. Lafayette is like that. Anyway, when I told the fellow that I had indeed watched the game, he started talking to me about the game, about the players, about the coach, and all other things IU. I almost forgot what my question was, but when I remembered and asked if they had shredded chicken, he answered, “No,” and went on to talk about what a clean program Tom Crean was running at IU, and how good a player Cody Zeller was, and on, and on, and on. I finally had to thank him for his help, turn on my heel, and walk away.

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