I must admit that Cindy, Peggy and Flo did a fine job decorating the tree. All we have to do now is put some presents under the tree. That will start happening after out party next Saturday. Until then we will be putting wrapped prizes under the tree. Lots of games are played, and lots of prizes are won. I am not much of a party person; crowds make me nervous; but I like our party.

Trina was still in high school when we started having the party. It started out as a few people who came to the house after the Lafayette Jeff Christmas show. We stopped going to the show after Trina graduated, but the party went on. It expanded to friends and family, friends of friends and people we worked with (some guests fit more than one category) and at one point we had as many as eighty plus people who attended.

We used to mail invitations to everyone, but three or four years ago Cindy decided that we would only send email invitations. I decided that anyone who skipped three parties in a row would be dropped from the invitation list.

We used to prepare all of the food. The first two years it was just soup, cheese and crackers. That has changed as well. Cindy still makes soup, we still have cheese and crackers, but we’ve added beef stick, veggie trays, soft drinks, wine, and many desserts. occasionally we have wings and/or meatballs, but we have allowed guests to bring much of the food as we have cut back on our preparations. We found that we had been spending too much time preparing for the party,  and not enough time enjoying it. Having said that we don’t do as much to prepare, guess how I’ll be spending most of the week? Yep, it’s that time of year.