Day 300


What you don’t see are all of the boxes of decorations that are sitting in the kitchen, waiting to be opened and displayed. They will eventually find their way into three rooms, or more. I’ve put lights in the living room window, and I’ve erected the tree. Cindy decided to have Flo and her friend, Peggy, come over to decorate the tree. Well, Flo will just sit and talk while Cindy and Peggy do the decorating. I’ll be hiding upstairs, pretending to sleep while they keep busy.


I started to watch the television mini-series Shogun from 1980. I haven’t watched it since it was first broadcast. When I put the first DVD in I was pleasantly surprised to hear narration from Orson Welles. I had forgotten that he was part of the cast…or at least his voice was. Then I was reminded how technically advanced we have become. One of the opening sequences is an overhead view of a ship, and you can see the shadow of the helicopter that is carrying the cameraman. I’m sure I didn’t notice it when I first watched the show.

I stopped watching a few minutes later when Michelle, Lee, Trina, Macey, Mason, Maely and Jordan stopped by for a short visit. Maybe I’ll try watching the first episode again next week. Wait…no…next week is our party, so I won’t have time to watch. Hmmm…maybe I should wait until after Christmas when I’ll have a string of Saturdays to watch.


I never cease to be amazed at how little I have in common, musically, from Trina and other people her age. I may not have liked a lot of the music my dad listened to, but I certainly would recognize the names of most of the performers he listened to. Having said that, I make a compilation cd of Christmas music each year and give copies to the kids, and other friends of the family. I try to include a variety of secular and religious songs, performed by many artists who differ stylistically. I even include some songs that I don’t care for. Anyway, this year’s cd has artists as varied as The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Donna Summers, Harry Connick Jr., Manheim Steamroller, Chanticleer, etc. Trina amazed me by saying that the only names that she recognized were Miley Cyrus and Peter, Paul & Mary. It makes me feel like I went wrong somewhere in the past.