Hey! I found another barn

It seemed a good idea to avoid town, and the shopping crowds, and to go find a photo in the country. I found this barn and another, along with a couple of other photo ideas that appealed to me. The colors in this photo are brighter than in the other pictures that I took. Let’s hear it for a reddish barn and (still) green grass.


I got a letter on Wednesday from one of my health providers stating that they had submitted a bill for $997 to Medicare, and that it had been denied because I had other insurance. Well, the letter didn’t mention what service had been provided that cost $997, nor did it state precisely which doctor had provided the service. Furthermore, I was pretty sure that all of my providers knew that Medicare was the secondary insurer, but I thought I should call to find out what was going on. I called and found out that when I had added Medicare as an insurer, my GP’s office had made a mistake and listed Medicare as then primary insurer. I took care of that over the phone, and that was good customer service on their part. When I asked what the $997 was for, the woman on the other end stated that lab work had been done. It seems that for $997 I let them take four vials of blood, and had collected stool samples for them. I felt like I was the middle man, but I wasn’t getting paid.


I wish I had carried my digital video camera with me when I went out to take my picture yesterday morning. There was a man who appeared to be in his forties on a bicycle. He had a large dog on a leash, trying to get the dog to follow behind the bike. The dog wanted to make frequent stops to bark at people and animals, and to urinate. Each time the dog stopped he pulled the man and the bike off-balance, causing the man to stop and brace himself lest he be pulled off of the bike. Rather than getting exercise pedaling the bike, the man got more exercise trying to avoid road burns and broken bones. A video of the man’s travails would have been funny.