Day 298

View from the roundabout

There is a new roundabout in Lafayette. It is on Concord and a new-street-that-opened-and-I-didn’t-think-to-get-the-name-of-it-even-though-construction-has-been-going-on-for-months. It is south of Teal Road and north of Brady Lane.

I wanted to use a photo from those I took at JR and Trina’s Thanksgiving Day feast; aye, and a feast it was. But here’s the story on why I used, instead, a picture I took this morning. I decided to take my digital video camera rather than my Nikon to the dinner today. That was my first mistake. While I like the video camera, and I have used it to take still pictures, I don’t know it well enough to take good pictures in dark lighting. Well, thought I, it isn’t all that bad because when I upload them to the PC I’ll run them through my old reliable Jasc¬†Paint Shop Pro 8 software and come up with a presentable picture. That was my second mistake because today the Paint Shop Pro became unreliable and I was unable to¬†open the software, even after multiple tries and two reboots, one soft and one hard. So I went online and downloaded a fully functioning trial version of Corel’s Paint Shop Pro x5. It seems to be a good product, but it is years beyond what I have been using. What I formerly had been able to achieve with just a few mouse clicks, I have ben unable to do with many functions. At this point, my expertise is woefully lacking. I haven’t been able to do what I want to do, so I’m using the photo I took with my Nikon this morning. Oh, and mistake number three was in leaving my cell phone at home today. I could have used it to take backup shots that would have been usable. I’m still learning.