I may have used a picture of this house before

I honestly don’t remember if I’ve taken a picture of this house and used it in an earlier post. The house is beautiful enough to warrant seeing it again. Today I could see the house better because almost all of the leaves are off the tree. I love going through the rich folks parts of town just to look at the houses.


This has been a good day for music. After Morning Joe this morning I popped in a DVD of a Jerry Jeff Walker performance, Live From Austin, TX: Dixie’s Bar & Bus Stop. I hadn’t watched it before, I had just bought it on sale a few days ago, and I sat there mesmerized. I started listening to Jerry Jeff when I lived in Auburn, back when I was single. My friend John loaned me one or two of Jerry Jeff’s albums. John had also brought the Alan Parson’s Project and Randy Newman to my attention. Thank’s John! Anyway, as I sat there watching and listening I realized that I am ready for snow. I’m not sure what the music had to do with it, but the two things connected for me. Perhaps I was listening to Jerry Jeff when there was snow on the ground, like the blizzard of ’78. That time frame would be about right. Home, sick, snowed in, listening to Jerry Jeff…yep, that could do it.

I watched the first set on the DVD and then went to the library to return a few things. On the way I put in a cassette (yes I have a car with both cd and cassette players). The first song was Tuxedo Junction by the Manhattan Transfer. I don’t listen to my old mix tapes often, and I don’t have many with Manhattan Transfer. Today, listening to that song, I remembered that I had seen them in concert in the late 70’s or early 80’s. A friend that I worked with, Sandy, asked me to go with her. She had bought the tickets for her and her boyfriend. Between the ticket buying and the concert, he dumped her. I was able to enjoy an evening of great musical entertainment due to the actions of the guy she had dated for years.

This afternoon, after some leaf raking, I watched the rest of the Jerry Jeff DVD. If anything, the final two sets were better than the first. The last set was all acoustic, and had one of my favorite songs, Stoney. The DVD was copied from a tape of a television show from the 80’s, so the picture quality wasn’t great, but the sound is good. I thought I had heard most of what he had done up until that time, but there were about half a dozen songs that were new to me. In summary, it is a great DVD, and it was a great addition to my day.