A great looking A-frame

It’s back to color photography today. When I was single and on my own, I lived in apartments and liked it. The only type of house I would have considered buying would have been an A-frame like this one…if it had a finished basement. I driven past and looked at this house for a number of years, and each time I look at it I think, “What a great place to live.” Alas, I never shall.


Today I raked the leaves in the front yard for the last time this year. Tomorrow, if it stays nice, I’ll work in the back yard. Then I’ll move on to the gutters. I’m looking forward to getting those chores over and out of the way until sometime next year. I just have to decide whether the grass needs to be cut in the back yard. The front yard looks good enough. I still have some bulbs to put out, but I won’t worry if I don’t get around to it until spring. It will depend on the weather and my state of mind.


I had planned on watching the IU/Georgia basketball game tonight, but it is being broadcast on ESPNU, and we aren’t paying for that. I hoe I can see them play tomorrow night. I’ve missed the last three or four games now, and it is angering me. If I lived somewhere other than Tippecanoe County I might be able to listen to the game on the radio, but locally there seems to be a total blackout on IU sports. The local newspaper has even been known to print the wrong starting times for games. Speaking of the radio, I can remember living in Auburn and listening to IU basketball on the radio on those rare occasions when the game wasn’t on TV. Those were good (sports) days.


Tomorrow is my grandson Mason’s birthday. I hope he likes my gift.