This is a peaceful place

Would it be too much to say that this is a good place to get away from it all? There is a peacefulness about graveyards that I enjoy. It isn’t a good place to listen to Steppenwolf, but other than that drawback…


I was hoping to go online and find a copy of Donald Byrd’s  Fancy Free album, either a cd or in MP3 format. Alas, it is only available in used vinyl. I have a vinyl album, but it is so scratched that I haven’t been able to get a good conversion to MP3. That’s why I was looking online. It appears that I’ll have to try converting again and enhancing the result with software. I believe I’ll save that task until a time when I feel like sitting and concentrating for hours at a time. That isn’t now.

I bought and downloaded the Brubeck Brothers Quartet album, Lifetimes a few days ago, and became an instant fan of the band. It would be easy to think that I like them so much because they covered three or four of the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s songs, and that is the reason I bought that particular album, but in truth I love their sound. It is very good jazz. I recommend this group to anyone who enjoys jazz.

I like them so much that I just went to eMusic and downloaded another of their albums, Intuition. I only listened to samples before taking the plunge, when I finish working on this post, I’ll listen to all of it. Now I have an incentive to finish.


I need to start working on a cd of Christmas music. I’ve been putting one together for myself each year since 1999. I’ve done a separate cd to give as gifts for eight or nine years now. We didn’t give as many last year, and that’s alright with me, but I want to burn a few. That’s tomorrow’s project.