Cold, sunny morning

There were no deer where I drove this morning. There were very few people around as well; just a couple of farmers working in their fields. It was sunny and cold; actually quite lovely if you like bare fields.


It is one of those days when I don’t have anything to yammer on about. Yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition; live with it. I won’t be upset if you stop reading at this point.


It is only a week until Thanksgiving. It will be a really good one this year since Michelle and Lee are coming to Indiana. I’m looking forward to spending time with them. Cindy is, of course, even more excited than I am. Once Thanksgiving is past we’ll have to start prepping for out annual Holiday Party. That means I’ll be toting all the Christmas decorations up from the basement, putting up the tree, and helping Cindy decorate the tree. It seems too early for all of that.

To help me get in the mood I started listening to Christmas music today. I found a deal on Amazon for thirteen hours of holiday music in MP3 format for ninety-nine cents. It seemed like too good of a deal to turn down, so I bought it. I got my money’s worth in the first couple songs. Now, the artists aren’t the best known in this country, but I’m enjoying the music. Right now I’m listening to a song being sung in German. I don’t know who the artist is, or what the song is, but the guy singing has a pleasant voice. I still have about eleven hours worth of music to listen to. By the time I’ve finished, I’ll probably be ready for Easter.


It was dark when I took the trash to the street for pickup this morning. WAs soon as I walked out I could smell that someone was burning leaves. Since there is a burning ban in Lafayette, I knew that there was illegal burning going on. I’m guessing the burning was going on in the dark so that the smoke wouldn’t be seen. Or maybe I’ve watched too many mysteries.