Day 287

Another non-Dogpatch home

While I admire large beautiful houses, and I do like to spread out with all of my ‘stuff’, I can’t really see me living in  a house that has a three car garage, let alone all of those bay windows, and a dormer on the garage. I hope there is a large family living in this house.


One of the movies I watched last night was Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, with the remarkable Arabian cast of Maria Montez (Dominica), Jon Hall (USA), Turhan Bey (Austria), and Andy Devine (USA) among others. Enough time passes between my viewings of this motion picture that until it starts, I keep forgetting it is in color. It isn’t a great movie, but neither is it a bad movie. I would not have been upset it they had cut the song being sung by the thieves as they ride through the desert. It was a bad idea.

I know Jon Hall was in many movies, but I will always remember him from television’s Ramar of the Jungle. I watched the show when I was a kid in the mid-50’s. I couldn’t tell you if it was a good show or not, but it kept me, an elementary school boy, satisfied. According to the Internet, the show lasted two seasons. Maybe it wasn’t all that good. Another interesting tidbit that I just discovered is that Mr. Hall is evidently the son of an inventor and a Tahitian princess.

Andy Devine is another actor that I first saw on TV. He played Jingles P. Jones on The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok, and had the famous line in the opening, “Hey, Wild Bill – Wait for me!” I remember him equally well for his show Andy’s Gang. Froggy The Gremlin was part of that show, and I looked forward to hearing Andy say, “Plunck your magic twanger, Froggy.” I wonder if he could get away with saying that on a children’s show these days?