Day 286

Still another beautiful autumn day

I think we’re supposed to get some rain tomorrow evening, but if the weather is as good during the day as it has been today, I may get the last of the leaf raking done in the front yard. The trees in the back yard still have leaves to drop. At least we finally got the cover on the pool today. It is a two person job, and Cindy and I finally found the time together to get it done. I am pleased.


I’m doing a short post tonight because I just don’t have the inspiration to do more. I’ll put down a few snippets that have no relationship to each other.

1. I started thinking yesterday that I would love to have a loden colored corduroy car coat. I don’t know why I would like one; I have plenty of coats for¬†autumn and winter. Maybe it’s because I’ve always thought they looked pretty cool. Of course, if I had one, then I would have to start thinking about a snap-brimmed fedora.¬†So it wouldn’t work.

2. I see they have made an updated version of Red Dawn. That’s a shame, because the first version was bad enough. I wonder who is playing the part of Erica? Lea Thompson had that part in the original movie. I hate to say it, but I liked her better in Howard The Duck.

3. A few days ago I started the day off by watching two concert DVDs. Both had been performed in Paris. The first was Miles Davis in Paris, in 1991. I’m pretty sure it was one of his last concerts. Very good. The second was Art Blakey in 1965. Also very good. If only I had the Pointer Sisters concert in Paris from 1985. I used to have that on video tape, but I’m not sure what happened to it. It may be in a box in the basement.


OK. That’s it. Time for dinner and some TV time.