Day 283

On the way home

I spotted this house on my way to an appointment today, and decided to take the picture n my way home. My other choice was a shot taken while sitting in my dentist’s chair, and it was quite boring. You could have seen a tree through beige venetian blinds surrounded by a gray wall. This photo has a lot more character.


It looks like I’m stuck with all of the notes I’ve made about the past election season but never got around to using. That’s not a real problem, because I am so over the election. Well, almost. I have a couple of things that I will share.

As I noted in a couple of other posts, I’ve seen yard signs that are strictly anti-candidate. They never mentioned a person they wanted you to vote for, just against. I’m happy to reports that the candidates who these signs targeted were both elected. That seems just to me.

I generally check Twitter once a day for updates, but last night I followed it until the call was made on the presidential election, and then again this morning. Here are a few from the past 24 hours that I liked:

From Roger Simon around 10 this morning: BREAKING RUMOR: Florida decides to forego all future elections in favor of coin tosses.

From Mike Barnicle around 7 this morning: Wonder if heads of GOP will figure out that talk radio audience is not the nation?

From Joe Scarborough around midnight: Congratulations to President Obama, Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Reid. You won. Now let’s get things done.

From John Moe around midnight: “Yay.” – Dick Lugar alone in a room somewhere


Other than the disturbance at Ole Miss, I haven’t heard of anything bad happening due to the election. Ole Miss makes me┬áthink that some things, in some places, haven’t changed much since the 60’s. That’s would be a shame, so I hope I’m wrong.