Day 282

The parking lot where we voted

There was no line snaking out the door this morning, but there was a steady stream of voters with all of the machines in use. I haven’t seen it that busy in a very long time. My guess is that since this is Indiana, there were a lot more people out this time to vote against President Obama, but not necessarily because they like Mr. Romney. Of course, I could be wrong. I noticed when I went out at 11:30 to meet Cindy for lunch that this parking lot had even more cars parked, and that there was a steady stream of cars pulling in and ut of the lot. The same was true when I came home from my dental appointment around 3 p.m. It seems that there is a good turnout to vote this year.

As I was finishing casting my vote(s) this morning I heard a man approach one of the poll workers and ask to vote. He said he was from California, but since he was in town visiting he thought he would vote while he was here. Some people just didn’t pay attention in Civics class I guess.


As I was driving to the dentist’s office this afternoon, I saw someone coming up to a corner on one those motorized scooter chairs, or whatever they are called. It appeared to be a very heavy man dressed in grey, and wearing a ski mask. A few things went through my mind. 1) That has to be the slowest way to flee the scene of a crime. 2) Add some painted designs to the mask and he would look like an aging Mexican wrestler. And 3) Is he on his way to or from the polls?


I’ve gotten through this election season without calling any politician or acquaintance a blatherskite. So far. The day isn’t over.