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Have I used this barn before?

I may have use a picture of this barn in a previous post, but if I have it was in a different season. I’m just not in the mood today to go through my past posts to check.


If you read my post yesterday, and if you are a Bob Dylan fan, you know that I cited the wrong song by him. You probably wondered why the photo I used reminded me of North Country Blues, when I obviously meant The Ballad Of Hollis Brown. I don’t know what I was thinking when my fingers were on the keyboard. I realized my mistake around 3 a.m. My mind must have been chewing on that while I was asleep, and then decided to wake me up so I could feel silly. I edited the post today to add the right song title.


Alo yesterday I was going on about political yard signs, and how I have only seen one that simply tells you to vote against someone, not for someone. Well, this morning when I was out I saw a second example. The one today tells you to vote against President Obama, only, of course, it doesn’t use his title. It is sad.

On a slightly different subject, I have a theory concerning political yard signs. My theory, with no scientific backup, states that if a candidate has more than one yard sign in one yard, that candidate is in trouble with the voters. It seems to me that if the candidate is popular with the voters he or she will not have enough yard signs to go around, let alone put multiple signs in one yard. As I said, this is not a scientific theory, and I have seen it not be true in two cases, but most of the time it is a good predictor. Now, go out there and run your own field test on the theory.


And then the final thing about my post yesterday, I didn’t watch and Godfather movie, nor did I watch anything light, and I didn’t watch a British mystery. I ended up watching Tobruk, a fair to middling film about WWII, and then The Zero Effect, which is a surprisingly good mystery with comedic touches. I recommend it.