Day 278

Near downtown Lafayette

There are some understated classy buildings in Lafayette. By understated, I mean that the architecture is impressive, but not overblown. At least, that’s what it means to me.


I’ve developed the habit of eating oatmeal for breakfast. I don’t recall ever having hot cereal for breakfast when I was growing up, nor when I was in college, but we had it regularly when I was in basic training in the army. We just didn’t have time to enjoy it because we had to wolf down our morning gruel, or whatever they fed us, and get out of the mess hall and into training. After basic I only had hot cereal a few times until the past few months. Now I want it. I even had it for lunch today. Yum!


I skipped the IU game last night because I don’t like watching it on the computer. They did win, however. It was the only exhibition game they are playing this year. Next Friday, the 9th, they are playing Bryant University, and I believe it is being televised on the Big Ten network. I’m ready!


I spent a grumblesome twenty minutes or so in the bank drive-through this afternoon. When I got there I saw two cars waiting, one in each drive-through lane. I had no idea which had been there the longest, so I randomly chose to get behind the car in the right lane. It was a Cadillac with two people in the front seat. The other car was a sporty something-or-other. I sat there for at least four minutes before there was any activity in either car. The container in the pneumatic tube came down to the car ahead of me. Great, thought I, this won’t take much longer. The girl in the driver’s seat took the container and retrieved something from it. She turned and conversed with her companion for a moment or two, put the container back in the tube, and shot it back to the bank. What?? She must be sending in a transaction for her companion. In the meantime the bank teller is taking care of the sporty model’s transaction, and she is taking her time completing it. Another three or four minutes went by and she sent the container back to the car in the left lane. They retrieved their receipt and pulled away. A yellow Mustang pulled into the left lane. Another few minutes passed and the container came back to the car ahead of me. Finally, thought I. The girl once again retrieved something from the container, turned and talked to her companion, put the container back in the tube, and shot it back to the bank. Great. I the meantime, the teller spent a few minutes taking care of the person in the yellow Mustang, and sent the receipt back to that car. The retrieved their receipt and left. A blue Buick took their place. Another four or five minutes passed and the container came back to the Cadillac in front of me. The girl retrieved the receipt in the container and left without starting another transaction. I pulled forward, put the check I was cashing in the container, and shot it through the tube to the bank. Then I heard the teller start a conversation with the bad boy driving the Buick. She wanted to talk about their days together in high school. I groaned to myself. She then took my check, cashed it, sent me the money, and I was ready tom leave within two minutes of pulling forward. I must not have looked as friendly as the others.

Now, I should try to look for the positive things that happened…I’m thinking…and I’m thinking some more. OK. Here it is, I was able to listen to and enjoy a large portion of the Peter Rowan cd I had playing in the car. That was positive.