Day 269

Another fine house

If it weren’t for having to cut grass on that incline (or is it a decline?) this is another house in which I wouldn’t mind residing. I like this hilly neighborhood.


Here is another grumpy old man statement in the guise of a question: Why are we now saying vaca instead of vacation and refi instead of refinance? There must be a reason people have dropped perfectly good syllables. It isn’t as if they were hard to pronounce, or they take a lot longer to speak. The only thing that I can think of is that people don’t want to spell them out in text messages, or they don’t have room in their tweets. Have we really come to that? If so, society is changing faster than I would wish. I should be happy that the language is changing, it keeps it alive. When was the last time you heard of a change in Latin? I’m just not sure I like all of the changes.


I haven’t been able to spend a lot of quality time around the house today. First I went to have some blood drawn for lab tests before my Doctor’s appointment on Friday. While waiting with my arm held out resolutely I was informed that I would also be peeing in a cup. I don’t like surprises like that. Luckily, as I grow older my kidneys aren’t nearly as bashful as they used to be. I can pretty much pee on demand…so I did.

After leaving my liquid tributes I went to the mall to look for another new sports coat. I wanted a dark one because the last one I bought was tan. I found just what I wanted on sale, at half price. That was good. That was so good that I walked down to another store and bought a dress shirt on sale. It has been quite some time since I had a button down blue pinstripe shirt. I am pleased.

Then I drove to Gordon’s and picked up a couple of bags of chis=cken wings for Cindy. While there I also bought her a jar of caramel flavored candy corn. I wish I could eat it. I like it when it is mixed with cashews. Those were the days.

I went home to put the wings in the freezer, and to eat lunch. After that I drove to the dentist’s office for a not so quick check. It wasn’t quick because the dentist was having a bad day. While injecting anaesthetic in a woman’s mouth, he hit a blood vessel. Her face puffed up, and she couldn’t open her eye. That set his schedule back. He then checked me out, decided he is almost finished with my lower, and then set there talking to me while I fidgeted, wanting to leave. I’ve been told I’m a good listener, and I lived up to it today. I wasn’t sure I would get out of the chair before they closed for the day. But I did.

Then I went looking for a photo, and found the house pictured above. from there, home. Now it’s almost time to find some dinner. I may order out tonight while Cindy plays BINGO.

Day 268

Autumn is the right season for this house

I’m glad autumn is here. As wonderful as summer was, despite the drought, the season change makes me feel good. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about winter, but my guess is that I’ll love it as well.


Cindy and I have watched all three presidential debates, as well as some of the Indiana senate and gubernatorial debates. I have a couple of observations and one question concerning last night’s presidential debate.

1) There seems to have been less testosterone being pumped when the candidates were sitting, facing a male moderator who refused to be run over. 2) My favorite line was Governor Romney’s when he said that it was “widely reported that drones have been used in drone strikes.”

My question is, do they flip a coin to determine what color tie they wear> I noticed that in the first debate Governor Romney wore a red power tie while the president wore a blue tie. In the second debate the colors were reversed, and in last night’s debate the president went back to blue while the governor wore a predominately red tie. In the vice presidential debate Mr. Biden wore blue while Mr. Ryan wore red. Who coordinates those things. By the way, last night Mr. Schieffer wore a red, white and blue tie…quite patriotic.


Crawling across the bottom of the TV screen this morning I noted that a cup of beans or lentils helps control blood sugar levels  in people who have type 2 diabetes. Just my luck, I can’t stand beans or lentils. Why couldn’t it have been a cup of coffee, or a cup of orange juice, or a cup of steak? I could handle any of those things, but beans or lentils? No, I guess I’ll stick to the pills I’m on.


I need to finish now, I have to start putting out the Halloween decorations. It’ too wet, from rain, to rake leaves or cut grass, so I’ll do something festive.

Day 267

Today’s chore

There’s good and there’s bad surrounding this picture. The good is that I finished raking the front yard before it started to rain today. It is bad that 98% of these leaves are from my neighbor’s maple tree. Our tulip tree and oak tree still have most of their leaves. Something else that is bad is that my eaves troughs are full of maple leaves, which means that I’ll be cleaning them more than once this autumn. Still more of the bad, it started to rain this afternoon, and the rain started bringing down leaves from our trees. There is more raking on the near horizon. Why don’t the leaves from our trees ever blow into someone else’s yard? It doesn’t seem fair.


I glanced out into the screened-in portion of our deck around noon and saw two birds, I think they were finches, flitting about in there, trying to get out. I don’t know how they came to be in there. I tried to get a photo of one or both of the birds, but they never stayed in one place long enough to aim and shoot. So I propped one of the doors open, exited the deck, and they flew out a short time later. I wish I knew how they got in.


The boxed set of Steve McQueen movies that I ordered came in today. I’ll be watching at least one per weekend for the next month or so. I think I’ll start with The Cincinnati Kid since it is one of my favorites. Or I might start with Never So Few or The Getaway since I don’t recall ever seeing either one all of the way through; bits and pieces only. Of course I need to make sure Trina and JR watch Bullit since talking about that movie spurred me into buying the set to start with. I believe I’ll loan them my copy of the Magnificent Seven at the same time. They might as well get a cultural uplift.

Day 266

Peter’s Mill Landing this morning

It was peaceful and pretty this morning, and when I took the photo it was a bit perturbing. As I drove up to the landing a car pulled away from the parking area but stopped on the outward bound drive until I parked and got out of the car. Then it pulled away at a speed I thought was fast for the area. But, I walked down to Wildcat Creek and took a few photos. When I was finished shooting I got back in the car and drove slowly back to the street. When I reached th street I was blocked by the car that had left ahead of me. I finally pulled around it, and as I passed it I looked over to see that the car was empty. There was no driver in sight. As I said, a bit perturbing.


I had the family room TV on the other day while I was working in the kitchen, so I wasn’t paying much attention to it. I don’t even remember which of the 50+ stations it was tuned to. All I remember was somebody disparaging some newer architectural style. That made me start thinking about how some people love change, love anything new, while some other people hate change. I also realized that the older I get, the closer I’m moving toward the latter point of view.

Let me state two things: 1) While I may not enjoy listening to most contemporary music, I don’t look down at people who do. The same is true for most things in society. I dislike “reality TV,” but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the company of people who do like it. The same is true in politics. I am a liberal afloat in a sea of local conservative opinion. I don’t rail against my conservative friends, I just don’t let them drag me down and drown me. In other words, most things in life aren’t  so upsetting that it affects everything around you.

2) When I heard that Newsweek was going to stop publishing a printed version of their magazine, I was saddened. I wasn’t sad because I wouldn’t be able to renew my subscription for the print version, I had already decided to not renew; I was sad that there would be one less option for people. I like holding a book or a magazine while I read it. I like having bookcases filled with books. But that doesn’t stop me from also using my Kindle. I like having the option.

Day 265 – Updated

Fixer upper

After I uploaded the photo, I stopped to do a few other things. I completely forgot to come back and add words to the post. I’ll update tomorrow.


The house in this picture would be a great site for a haunted house. Actually, if I could sink a lot of money into it, restoring it would be a pleasure, or, I should say, having it restored would be a pleasure; I don’t do stuff like that. I think it’s a classy looking place. There is no For Sale sign in front of it, so I have to believe someone has plans for it, even if those plans are to let it fall further into disrepair. That would be a shame.


I still can’t believe I forgot to add words to this post yesterday. When I started the blog I would begin my day by going out and finding a picture, then come home, upload my selected photo, and add the words. Some days the words came easily, some days not; but I always worked at it. More recently my forays out into the world have come later in the day, and the text has come even later. It isn’t unusual to find me sitting down to compose after 6 p.m. I need to set a higher priority on the blog.

Yesterday I distracted myself by doing, what I call, file maintenance on the PC. I’m working at combining file folders and moving them to flash drives in order to free up space on the hard drive. I spent a large amount of time combining folders of photographs from the hard drive and from rewritable discs onto a flash drive. I have more to do with photos, and then I’m moving on to music files, and from there to word documents as well as some really old files that were created in WordPerfect. The WordPerfect files were created shortly after I moved to Lafayette, back when it was a better choice than Word. Those were the days.

OK, I’ve updated this post; now to start a draft on Day 266.

Day 264

Squirrel in the tree

The rain doesn’t seem to be bothering them. And the squirrel is having a good time.


I don’t know if this happens to other people or not; I don’t recall ever reading about it or discussing it with anyone, but sometimes I wake up thinking of words or phrases. Sounds weird, right? Let me explain. I woke up this morning around 3 a.m. and I thought of the word amanuensis. In case you don’t know, it means a person who writes from dictation, or copies a manuscript, or even who signs a document on behalf a of another person. The first time I heard the word it was defined as a male secretary.

I went back to sleep and woke up around 6:15. Right after I opened my eyes I thought of Schrödinger’s Cat. Please don’t ask me explain what it, I can’t satisfactorily, because I only partially understand it. Simply, it is a thought experiment that delves into quantum entanglement.

Why, you well ask, was I thinking about these things upon awakening? I don’t know. Perhaps they are remnants of dreams that I don’t remember having, though I can’t conceive of a dream I might have that would involve Schrödinger’s Cat, let alone an amanuensis. Let me know if you have any ideas about why words come into my head when I wake up.


I spent some time listening to the album Sticks Up! by Bobby Hutcherson this morning. I bought the digital version of the album when I found it on sale a few months ago. I was happy to find it, because I hadn’t heard it since my college days. A friend of mine, I think it was Jerry Warburton, bought the album and we listened to it often. It is a Blue Note album from the 60’s, and they put out some great music in that decade. That’s when I started listening to Donald Byrd, Lee Morgan, and Duke Pearson. Finding Sticks Up! on Amazon made it a good day for me. Listening to it again this morning helped dispel some of the gloom from this rainy day.

Day 263

I think my brain has been staying here

I finally got the wireless hub working this morning around 11:30. After arguing with the clerk at Best Buy yesterday, it turns out that he was right, I didn’t need the adaptor after all. I’ll keep it, however, because it might come in handy at a later date when we upgrade to a newer computer. I may need it for this pc if it becomes a secondary computer for the grandkids and/or Cindy or me.


If I gave the impression yesterday that working on the computer was all I did, well, not so much. I took time out yesterday afternoon to watch an old movie, the Stranger, with Edward G. Robinson, Orson Wells, and Loretta Young. It was released to theaters in 1946, the year before I was born. I like a lot of these older black and white movies. I must admit that I thought Loretta Young’s performance was over the top in much of the last several minutes, but over all, it was a good movie. Richard Long was also in the movie; he played Loretta’s younger brother. I suppose most people remember Mr. Long from The Big Valley on television. I remember him best for his portrayal of a private eye on Bourbon Street Beat. That was one of a number of detective shows from the same people, Warner Brothers Television, who brought us 77 Sunset Strip and Hawaiian Eye. As a matter of fact, a quick google show me that he played the same detective character on 77 Sunset Strip before and after Bourbon Street Beat went off the air. I didn’t remember that.

Warner Brothers Television also had a string of western series including Maverick, Cheyenne, and Sugarfoot. As I recall, all of these shows were in black and white; but I could be wrong about some of the ones that came along later. Now if they would only put out Bronco on DVD.