Day 276

Seems like an appropriate picture

I confess that I did not take this picture today. I took it a week ago. I had the opportunity to take it then, and it is good that I did because I haven’t been able to go out to get a new picture today. I spent most of the day waiting here for a company to come and get all of the oxygen bottles that were in Flo’s apartment. I just found out a short time ago that they aren’t coming until Friday. So, it was fortuitous that I took my Halloween picture early.


I was going to spend more time today putting down more memories of my early experiences with stereo equipment, but since it is Halloween, I believe it would be more appropriate to spend time with my memories about that holiday.

When I was growing up in Rolling Prairie it seems to me that we always went Trick-or-Treating on the night before Halloween, October 30th. My memory might be wrong about that, but it is my memory. We never had store-bought costumes, my mom would help me get dressed. I think I usually went out as a cowboy or a hobo. I wanted to be a cowboy when I grew up, but never did I want to be a hobo. I usually started out with my older sister and other kids that we played with. Rolling Prairie was/is small enough that you could pretty much cover the whole town in one evening on foot. When I was really young I would avoid some houses because they had a reputation among the kids as being the home of mean people.

Older kids, too mature to beg for candy, would go out and do things like soap windows, or tip over out houses, or bedevil adults that they were not fond of. I, of course, being the golden child, never did things like that, or even considered it. Gosh, I was good!