Day 273

There is something about a downed tree

This is the only photo I took today. That is unusual, because I usually take at least three, and then have to choose which one to use. But then, I wasn’t really in a photo taking mood this morning. I hadn’t planned on going out until after noon today, and then only with Cindy; but when I got up this morning I found that Mason had spent the night with us, so I felt compelled to go out for donuts. Then I spent the next few hours trying to be quiet while Mason and Cindy both slept until noon. It’s the unexpected little things that get under my skin.


Here are some other things that happened last week that I found irritating, but didn’t share in any of my posts. I think I’ll let it all spill out today, since I’ve started in that vein.

When Cindy and I were sitting in the surgery waiting room, waiting to hear about Flo, a group of people walked in the room, and the first thing one of the women said was, “It’s friggin’ freezing in here.” 1) It wasn’t freezing; when she looked at the thermostat she announced to the room that it was 72º and that she wondered how to boost the temperature setting. 2) Who uses that kind of language in public? Certainly not a lady. OK, so I’m old-fashioned. I don’t like it.

When I was leaving the doctor’s office after my checkup the other day, I was preceded out of the door by a mother with her teenaged son, and for elderly people. The teenager held the door for us though he was dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, gray socks and flop-flops. The temperature was nippy, and he was shivering. Each of us who were older than his mother thanked him for holding the door. As the mother and son were getting into their car I heard her say to him, “Are you friggin’ crazy, standing there in the cold holding that door?” The only problem I saw with the boy was his fashion sense, but since she let him be seen in public dressed that way, why was she complaining? Plus, she used inappropriate language, which I find to be a greater offence.

There are other things that I could add, to clean up my notes from last week, but why burden you with the little things that make me think of finding nettles in my underwear…the hard way?

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