Day 272

A field without crops can seem lonely

Originally I was going to use a version of this picture in which I had used the zoom function on the camera. I decided against it, even though you could see more details on the old silo, because when you zoom in you lose the feeling of loneliness that comes with the surrounding empty field and barren trees. Gosh, that almost sounds poetic.


I spend a lot of time, most Saturdays, watching DVDs of old television shows and movies. Today I watched more than I do on most Saturdays. I woke around 3:30 this morning and I was wide awake. After trying to get back to sleep for half an hour, I decided to pop in a DVD with episodes from The Adventures of Robin Hood, which was an English television series back in the mid 50’s starring Richard Greene. As usual, I watched the credits at the end of the show. I was paying more attention to them than I normally do because I was fairly certain that a different actor was playing Little John than the actor I remembered from when I was a kid, and from other episodes I had watched on DVD. I was right, thought I couldn’t tell you the different names right now. Another name in the credits caught my eye, Ralph Smart, the director. I knew that name. I was pretty sure that he was also the creator of the series Danger Man, which was renamed Secret Agent in the US. That’s the show that starred Patrick McGoohan and was given the US theme song by Johnny Rivers. Just to be sure, I watched an episode from that series next. After that I was able to get back to sleep.

Later in the morning I watched an episode of The West Wing and enjoyed it,as I always do. In this episode John Spencer’s character, Leo McGarrity, talks about how he wished he had been at a cabinet meeting during LBJ’s presidency so he could argue against the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. That made me consider taking out my copy of Stanley Karnow’s Vietnam: A History and start rereading it, but decided against it for the time being. I want to finish Chris Matthew’s book, Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero. Then I’ll see. I’ve already started two other non-fiction books and put them aside, Mark Twain’s autobiography and a biography of FDR. I need to finish those two books as well.

Back to DVD’s. In the early afternoon I watched a Mr. Moto mystery starring Peter Lorre. It had many of the racial stereotypes that didn’t seem so bad back in the thirties. There was one in joke during the film; the playbill at a theater showed that it was the last day for a showing of a Charlie Chan movie. Just another oriental sleuth played by a caucasian man.

Cindy came home and wanted to watch a Midsomer Murder episode, so I grabbed one that had DS Gavin Troy as the sidekick. I don’t remember the name of the episode, but it was different in that there were two murders by two different characters, and each informed on the other. After that I decided it was time for a nap.

This evening I watched Never So Few starring Frank Sinatra, Gina Lolabrigida, and co-starring Steve McQueen. I enjoyed it, though the goatee sported by Sinatra in the first few scenes was not his best look. I had read that McQueen’s performance led to his casting as Vin in The Magnificent Seven. I believe it, because the characters are similar, and McQueen did a better-than-credible job in this movie. It will be some time before I watch it again, but I will watch it again. After that I watched another Midsomer Murder, this time with DS Jones as the sidekick. Now it is time for bed…but I’ll probably put in another DVD to watch until I fall asleep…maybe a superhero movie…hmmm…

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