Day 271

Mr. Politician

Mr. Politician has been seen hanging around our house again this Halloween season. He shows up every year. Why do we call this wind sock Mr. Politician? That story goes back a number of years, to 1998 I believe. I know that because our granddaughter Macey was about four years old and it was an election year.

To the best of my recollection, this is how the story goes. It was a day or two before Halloween; it may even have been Trick-or-Treat night, and Trina and Macey were visiting us. We were having a good time with Macey, as we always did, when the doorbell rang. I went to the door and there was Sheila Klinker, our local State Representative. She was going door to door, asking people to vote for her. I told her that I planned on doing just that, and she went on her way. Later, when Trina and Macey were leaving, I whispered to Macey, “Be careful, there are politicians out there.” She looked at me and solemnly said she would be careful. Evidently when she stepped out onto the porch she saw the wind sock hanging there and decided that the sock was the politician I was talking about. The next time she came to visit she called it Mr. Politician. And later that day I found her playing in one of the bedrooms. She was peering under the bed. I asked her what she was looking at, and she quietly said, “There are politicians under there.” I love her imagination.


While I was sitting in an examination room waiting to see the doctor today, I was looking around the room and spied a wall calendar. It wasn’t like the kind you normally see, the ones with pictures of the great outdoors and advertisements from medical supply businesses or insurance companies. No this was a Star Wars© calendar. At first I thought it was a picture of Jango Fett, but when I really looked at the picture I saw the words Captain Rex. I dug out my smart phone and googled Captain Rex. It turns out that he is a character in the Clone Wars story line. I learned something new at the doctor’s office today.

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