Day 270

I have raked more leaves than they have

My guess is that they hire people to rake leaves for them, or they are already wintering in Florida and their lawn service hasn’t gotten around to sending a crew out yet. This picture was taken in one of the rich people’s parts of town, as you may have guessed.


There is a phrase that keeps coming up in one of our gubernatorial candidate’s television ads. They keep saying his opponent is running “false negative” attack ads. That is such a tortured turn of a phrase that each time I hear it, and I hear it often, I wonder if “false negative” is better or worse than “true negative,” “false positive,” or “true positive.” I’ll really be happy when the elections are over. Since I live in Indiana, I know I’ll be unhappy with most of the results, but at least the election ads will stop running.


Cindy and I were out having dinner with our friends Mary and George when Cindy got a phone call saying her mother, Flo, was back in the hospital having a heart attack. We had our food boxed up, left our friends, and drove to the hospital. When we got there we were directed to the surgery waiting area. We were told that Flow was having a heart catheterization, and we would be hearing from the doctor shortly. Just a short time later we were ushered into a private room to talk to the doctor. He came in smiling and said that everything was fine with Flo. He handed us pictures that they had taken during the procedure, and he told us he wished his heart was in as good a shape as Flo’s was. He thought her problem might be a hiatal hernia. They are keeping her overnight and that tomorrow they will be checking the replacement valve she was given in surgery about ten years ago. She will be going back to the nursing home tomorrow or Saturday.

They told us to wait about twenty minutes and then we could see her in the overnight room in which she would be staying. If nobody came to get us in twenty minutes, we were supposed to call a number and ask to be let into that area. We waited fifty minutes, until Trina got there, and were let back to see Flo. Except Flo wasn’t there, the room was empty. We stood there talking until a woman, perhaps a nurse, dressed in black scrubs came and asked why we were there. The guy with her was also wearing black scrubs, so to my mind they were ninja nurses. We told her we were there to see Flo, and she told us that they had changed their mind and had put Flo on the second floor. So we went up to see her.

When we got up there we found her laying in bed, wondering if they were going to feed her. Cindy told her what the doctor had said about her heart, but she acted like she didn’t believe him, after all, she had been in pain. I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time we visit Flo in the hospital.