Day 268

Autumn is the right season for this house

I’m glad autumn is here. As wonderful as summer was, despite the drought, the season change makes me feel good. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about winter, but my guess is that I’ll love it as well.


Cindy and I have watched all three presidential debates, as well as some of the Indiana senate and gubernatorial debates. I have a couple of observations andĀ one question concerning last night’s presidential debate.

1) There seems to have been less testosterone being pumped when the candidates were sitting, facing a male moderator who refused to be run over. 2) My favorite line was Governor Romney’s when he said that it was “widely reported that drones have been used in drone strikes.”

My question is, do they flip a coin to determine what color tie they wear> I noticed that in the first debate Governor Romney wore a red power tie while the president wore a blue tie. In the second debate the colors were reversed, and in last night’s debate the president went back to blue while the governor wore a predominately red tie. In the vice presidential debate Mr. Biden wore blue while Mr. Ryan wore red. Who coordinates those things. By the way, last night Mr. Schieffer wore a red, white and blue tie…quite patriotic.


Crawling across the bottom of the TV screen this morning I noted that a cup of beans or lentils helps control blood sugar levelsĀ  in people who have type 2 diabetes. Just my luck, I can’t stand beans or lentils. Why couldn’t it have been a cup of coffee, or a cup of orange juice, or a cup of steak? I could handle any of those things, but beans or lentils? No, I guess I’ll stick to the pills I’m on.


I need to finish now, I have to start putting out the Halloween decorations. It’ too wet, from rain, to rake leaves or cut grass, so I’ll do something festive.