Day 267

Today’s chore

There’s good and there’s bad surrounding this picture. The good is that I finished raking the front yard before it started to rain today. It is bad that 98% of these leaves are from my neighbor’s maple tree. Our tulip tree and oak tree still have most of their leaves. Something else that is bad is that my eaves troughs are full of maple leaves, which means that I’ll be cleaning them more than once this autumn. Still more of the bad, it started to rain this afternoon, and the rain started bringing down leaves from our trees. There is more raking on the near horizon. Why don’t the leaves from our trees ever blow into someone else’s yard? It doesn’t seem fair.


I glanced out into the screened-in portion of our deck around noon and saw two birds, I think they were finches, flitting about in there, trying to get out. I don’t know how they came to be in there. I tried to get a photo of one or both of the birds, but they never stayed in one place long enough to aim and shoot. So I propped one of the doors open, exited the deck, and they flew out a short time later. I wish I knew how they got in.


The boxed set of Steve McQueen movies that I ordered came in today. I’ll be watching at least one per weekend for the next month or so. I think I’ll start with The Cincinnati Kid since it is one of my favorites. Or I might start with Never So Few or The Getaway since I don’t recall ever seeing either one all of the way through; bits and pieces only. Of course I need to make sure Trina and JR watch Bullit since talking about that movie spurred me into buying the set to start with. I believe I’ll loan them my copy of the Magnificent Seven at the same time. They might as well get a cultural uplift.

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