Day 266

Peter’s Mill Landing this morning

It was peaceful and pretty this morning, and when I took the photo it was a bit perturbing. As I drove up to the landing a car pulled away from the parking area but stopped on the outward bound drive until I parked and got out of the car. Then it pulled away at a speed I thought was fast for the area. But, I walked down to Wildcat Creek and took a few photos. When I was finished shooting I got back in the car and drove slowly back to the street. When I reached th street I was blocked by the car that had left ahead of me. I finally pulled around it, and as I passed it I looked over to see that the car was empty. There was no driver in sight. As I said, a bit perturbing.


I had the family room TV on the other day while I was working in the kitchen, so I wasn’t paying much attention to it. I don’t even remember which of the 50+ stations it was tuned to. All I remember was somebody disparaging some newer architectural style. That made me start thinking about how some people love change, love anything new, while some other people hate change. I also realized that the older I get, the closer I’m moving toward the latter point of view.

Let me state two things: 1) While I may not enjoy listening to most contemporary music, I don’t look down at people who do. The same is true for most things in society. I dislike “reality TV,” but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the company of people who do like it. The same is true in politics. I am a liberal afloat in a sea of local conservative opinion. I don’t rail against my conservative friends, I just don’t let them drag me down and drown me. In other words, most things in life aren’t  so upsetting that it affects everything around you.

2) When I heard that Newsweek was going to stop publishing a printed version of their magazine, I was saddened. I wasn’t sad because I wouldn’t be able to renew my subscription for the print version, I had already decided to not renew; I was sad that there would be one less option for people. I like holding a book or a magazine while I read it. I like having bookcases filled with books. But that doesn’t stop me from also using my Kindle. I like having the option.