Day 265 – Updated

Fixer upper

After I uploaded the photo, I stopped to do a few other things. I completely forgot to come back and add words to the post. I’ll update tomorrow.


The house in this picture would be a great site for a haunted house. Actually, if I could sink a lot of money into it, restoring it would be a pleasure, or, I should say, having it restored would be a pleasure; I don’t do stuff like that. I think it’s a classy looking place. There is no For Sale sign in front of it, so I have to believe someone has plans for it, even if those plans are to let it fall further into disrepair. That would be a shame.


I still can’t believe I forgot to add words to this post yesterday. When I started the blog I would begin my day by going out and finding a picture, then come home, upload my selected photo, and add the words. Some days the words came easily, some days not; but I always worked at it. More recently my forays out into the world have come later in the day, and the┬átext has come even later. It isn’t unusual to find me sitting down to compose after 6 p.m. I need to set a higher priority on the blog.

Yesterday I distracted myself by doing, what I call, file maintenance on the PC. I’m working at combining file folders and moving them to flash drives in order to free up space on the hard drive. I spent a large amount of time combining folders of photographs from the hard drive and from rewritable discs onto a flash drive. I have more to do with photos, and then I’m moving on to music files, and from there to word documents as well as some really old files that were created in WordPerfect. The WordPerfect files were created shortly after I moved to Lafayette, back when it was a better choice than Word. Those were the days.

OK, I’ve updated this post; now to start a draft on Day 266.