Day 263

I think my brain has been staying here

I finally got the wireless hub working this morning around 11:30. After arguing with the clerk at Best Buy yesterday, it turns out that he was right, I didn’t need the adaptor after all. I’ll keep it, however, because it might come in handy at a later date when we upgrade to a newer computer. I may need it for this pc if it becomes a secondary computer for the grandkids and/or Cindy or me.


If I gave the impression yesterday that working on the computer was all I did, well, not so much. I took time out yesterday afternoon to watch an old movie, the Stranger, with Edward G. Robinson, Orson Wells, and Loretta Young. It was released to theaters in 1946, the year before I was born. I like a lot of these older black and white movies. I must admit that I thought Loretta Young’s performance was over the top in much of the last several minutes, but over all, it was a good movie. Richard Long was also in the movie; he played Loretta’s younger brother. I suppose most people remember Mr. Long from The Big Valley on television. I remember him best for his portrayal of a private eye on Bourbon Street Beat. That was one of a number of detective shows from the same people, Warner Brothers Television, who brought us 77 Sunset Strip and Hawaiian Eye. As a matter of fact, a quick google show me that he played the same detective character on 77 Sunset Strip before and after Bourbon Street Beat went off the air. I didn’t remember that.

Warner Brothers Television also had a string of western series including Maverick, Cheyenne, and Sugarfoot. As I recall, all of these shows were in black and white; but I could be wrong about some of the ones that came along later. Now if they would only put out Bronco on DVD.