Day 260

Closer than I appear

You can do silly things out of boredom. Here I am waiting for Cindy to finish shopping in the Goodwill store. I went in with her, and while se went directly to the clothes, and they took up about 90% of the floor space, I went to look at the books. As usual in stores like this, I didn’t find anything that was worth buying. I noticed that there were multiple copies of Hannibal by Thomas Harris. I see copies of this book every time I look at the shelves in thrift shops. It’s as if people can’t get rid of the book fast enough. I haven’t read it, so I may be wrong.


Trina & JR came over to pick up Marlon and to have dinner with us last night. We were talking about their trip to King’s Island and the roller coasters. JR mentioned that he liked the feel when the coaster reached the apex and then plummeted downwards (I’m paraphrasing). Cindy said it was the same as starting down a steep hill at speed. I mentioned that I felt like that when watching the chase scene in Bullit. Cindy agreed, but neither Trina nor JR seemed to know the reference. I said it was the best chase sequence in movies. The kids couldn’t place it. We started talking about Steve McQueen and, again, they didn’t recognize the name. Cindy and I started naming some of his movies. JR did say he thought he had heard of The Magnificent Seven but none of the others meant anything to them. Am I really that old? I’ve decided to add a few McQueen movies to my DVD collection and loan them to the kids. They needn’t spend the rest of their live culturally unaware.


Out of the blue, this morning, I remembered a fashion from the 60’s, “bleeding Madras” shirts. They were plaid shirts made with non-colorfast dyes, so that the shirt colors bled and/or faded each time it was washed. I remember my mom couldn’t understand why anyone would buy a shirt intending for the colors to bleed. In a similar vein I remember her bleaching my grey dress shirt because she said it looked dingy. I tried to explain that I wanted a gray shirt, but she continued trying to bleach it white.